About Us

TEKTRON was established in 1986 as a contract manufacturer. With the mission of providing the highest quality custom electronics and control panels for industrial customers . Within a few years, and at the urging of our customers, operations were expanded , via acquisition , to include precision machining and assembly capabilities. Customers at the time could source electrical requirements as well as standalone machined components, but not from a single source. And not as an integrated and power tested system. Electrical requirements were purchased from one source, with mechanical components from a separate source. Customers were typically left to handle assembly and electrical integration. It was with this expansion that we began supplying completed and tested systems and assemblies to our customers from a single source. And today have equipment operating in countries across the globe.

And some thirty plus years later, this  approach continues . Whether it be custom electrical control panels, standalone fixtures, tooling , precision machined components or finished machines . That single source approach continues today. Our customers include the medical, plastics, consumer care and aerospace industries.  And all in accordance with a philosophy of a 3BL approach. An emphasis on our people, in an environmentally and planet sensitive manner, backed with sound business practices to ensure sustainability into the future. And it's with that approach we continue to provide sustained value and service to our customers .